BashBand - top wedding, party and functions band - 20 years of playing serious music at UK's most exclusive venues
BashBand - top wedding, party and functions band - 20 years of playing serious music at UK's most exclusive venues
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Matt Button - Drums | Chris Cawte - Lead guitar and vocals | 'Mr' Coad - Lead guitar and vocals |
Tim Hamilton - Keyboards and vocals | Freddie Hospedales - Bass guitar and vocals
Hugh McManners - Guitar and vocals | William McManners - Trombone/Drum Dep | Max Ruggles- Vocals

Matt Button - Drums

Matt's a versatile and fluid drummer who's been playing for more years than he cares to remember. His drumming CV spans from technical jazz ensembles through to punk thrash freakouts. He's played all sorts of different places and many venues: from back gardens, village halls, working men's clubs through to all of London's legendary music venues. His musical aim is simple: to get people moving, make them happy and let them feel the fun and the joy of the music. By day he is the Head of CRM at HMV. By night, he is one half of Mongo Shakers, a studio-based band occuping the outer reaches of funk and rock.

Matt Button

Chris Cawte - Lead guitar and vocals

Chris  a well-known session musician able to play in all genres, with an encyclopoedic memory for songs, enabling the Bash Band to do most audience requests with only the briefest of pauses in which to decide a key, and who knows some of the words.  He tours with people like Rod Stewart and Dr Feelgood, and  as  "Jimmy Page" in the definitive Led Zepplin tribute band Letz Zep. He's also  lead guitarist for the Gutter Brothers, and the Genesis tribute band G2.  Chris' day job is writing and performing music for feature films:  the recent 'Highlander' movie for example,  'Beavis and Butthead - the Movie', and and television specials like 'All in the Game' and 'The Saint'.  He's  also a record producer.


'Mr' Coad - Lead guitar and vocals

'Mr' Coad is a record producer and musician, producing and writing for the Scottish rock group Simple Minds and a new project with Jim Kerr 'Lost Boy'; and with his own band The Surfing Brides. He produced Simple Mind's album Black & White 050505, in September 2005. He's also produced the Andrew Strong (Commitments) album Gypsy's Kiss, and tracks in various films such as Austin Powers’ The Match, and Staggered (with Martin Clunes) in which he appears with The Surfing Brides. He has worked extensively with Chris Cawte and his band the Gutter Brothers, producing Isometric Boogie, Gone to the Dogs, The Failsafe, and Already Dead. He and Chris also worked together on the soundtrack for the Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses and Miami Twice - for the BBC. He also produced the iconic initial Surfing Brides album Sparky's Dinner for I.R.S. Records, and the new Gutter Brother’s (2007) album.


Tim Hamilton - Keyboards and vocals

Tim Hamilton was described by his tutor at the Kent University Faculty of Music as a "troubadour". A former Lay Clerk in Canterbury Cathedral Choir, Tim is now an opera singer, and a senior lecturer in Music at Kent University - hence the alitterative nickname "Professor Pop". Tim is also a splendid soul and pop singer, and plays keyboards with all the style and diversity needed in a band which covers most musical genres. His rotating Hammond sound for example is uncannily like Booker T Jones.

Tim Hamilton

Freddie Hospedales - Bass guitar and vocals

Freddie Hosepdales travels the world applying his funky style of bass playing to a variety of bands. As a musician, Freddie has gigged all over the world from London to Hong Kong. Freddie is Head of Brand Communications at KPMG, but travels with both laptop and bass guitar. We're uncertain  whether he's a musician with a serious dayjob, or a plutocrat with an interesting sideline - not that it makes any difference. He and Matt have worked together on many recordings - usually on the severely funky side, and come highly recomended to those wanting real humans and a slippery beat.

Freddie Hospedales

Hugh McManners - Guitar and vocals

After a misspent youth playing pop music in palais de dance, school assembly halls and working men's clubs, Hugh McManners became bass guitarist for seventies prog rock bands "Fat Abbott" (sic) and "Medusa". He has never quite recovered from an epic gig supporting "The Pretty Things". Then after a lost weekend supporting Black Sabbath at Exeter University, Hugh straightened out for a while as an Army officer, then became an author, broadcaster and journalist . Hugh's aim is to determine the type of music each audience wants to hear, then get them dancing.

Hugh McManners

William McManners - Trombone/Drum Dep

Will McManners entered the BashBand frontline playing trombone, even though he has already featured on several previous occasions as a guest drummer, violinist, backing vocalist and sound engineer. Already an all-round musician, Will took up trombone six months before our St Edmund Hall 1950’s gig, as he was bored with the desperate workload of playing symphony orchestra violin in his school – the Purcell Music School in Bushey, Herts.  As well as being a violin soloist and trombonist, Will is also an accomplished drummer, and when trombones are not required in the line-up, is the BashBand’s deputy drummer.


Max - Vocals

Max is a writer of well-crafted pop music, who sings in a very wide variety of different genres, from raunchy rock, to glitzy pop and smooth cabaret. By  day, she runs her own talent agency "Spotlight", representing bands and artists in the south-east of England.

Max Ruggles